Lesson Information

Instruments offered: Piano (if you would like violin or viola lessons, please check out my wife’s site.)

Location: I teach from my studio in Meriden (16 Jefferson Street, Meriden, CT 06450) and have very limited availability for driving to my students.

Rate: $30/half hour, $43/forty-five minutes, $55/hour; $10 additional driving fee per lesson for in-home lessons.

For further details on my lesson policies, please read my studio policy (see link above).

What I like about lessons

I enjoy teaching because I like being able to teach others how to enjoy playing piano as I do. It’s really cool when my students find out they can play a certain piece well (especially one they chose). The enjoyment they get from their ability to play is rewarding. Also, when they learn something they know or have heard, that is a really great thing to see. Piano is really great in that aspect. Most instruments can only play 1 note at a time. Some can play a few more at once but with piano you can play many notes over a big range. It’s also a really great starting instrument because the technique (how to play) isn’t too difficult. I enjoy the one-on-one connection with students.

My approach and experience teaching

I am classically trained so I really enjoy teaching classical repertoire. I mostly have elementary age kids which are usually beginners. Enjoyment of music is of utmost importance. I really enjoy having them learn and play music they are interested in. Sometimes learning to play and instrument is hard, and it does take effort and focus. This can become a frustrating point for students (usually younger) and it does need to be worked through, but I always try to make things exciting for my students. Often when younger kids want to take piano lessons, they think it will be exciting and doable from the start. Because of the nature of the piano, it is easy to get a sound out of it but the ability to control each finger individually is usually not expected. This takes some time to get used to and I try to show them songs they can actually play at whatever level they are so they are not discouraged.

What my lessons are like

For beginners, my lesson approach focuses on rhythm, reading and dynamics. I also try to do some ear-training. With intermediate and advanced students I focus more on learning to master pieces, style, technique and expression. I teach all ages and all levels. For youngsters I recommend starting at 5 or 6 years old. Earlier than 5 is doable, but will mostly consist of games that focus on auditory and visual aspects of music before getting to proper piano playing. With all levels and ages, I try to get them playing music they know and like to listen to. I also really enjoy playing duets with all my students.